International Development  

SME / Enterprise development

  • Private sector development policies, strategies and action plans
  • Small business / SME development
  • Provision of business development services
  • Development of competitiveness and innovation
  • Development of a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Project/programme design (PCM)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programme and project impact
  • Institution and capacity-building (Ministries, SME Agencies, business centres, business incubators, business associations, etc.)

Social inclusion and regeneration

  • Preparation of integrated, socially inclusive strategies, programmes, action plans and projects
  • Integrating ethnic minority communities and other socially excluded groups
  • Preparation of anti-poverty studies
  • Preparation of informal/grey economy studies and policies
  • Regenerating deprived, inner city / rural areas (area based development
  • Regenerating social housing estates

Local economic development

  • Preparing strategies, action plans, programmes and projects on local economic development (led)
  • Establishing public-private partnerships (PPP) and dialogue (PPD)
  • Institutional and capacity building (e.g. Municipalities, counties, regions, etc.)
  • Undertaking baseline and statistical analyses
  • Bidding for competitive funds
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programme and project impact

Regional development

  • Preparing regional development policies, strategies, programmes, action plans and projects
  • Developing regional partnerships
  • Bidding for EC and other funds
  • Capacity / institution building
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programme and project impact

Foreign direct investment

  • Preparing FDI strategies and programmes
  • Institution/capacity building for investment promotion agencies
  • Analysis of investment incentives, barriers to investment
  • Analyses of FDI trends and issues
  • Identification of potential B2B business partners

Better regulation and consultation

  • Regulatory reform
  • Regulatory Impact assessment (RIA)
  • SME Test
  • Business simplification
  • Public Private Dialogue
  • eConsulation