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Review of the Job Opportunities through Business Support (JOBS) Project

Review of the Job Opportunities through Business Support (JOBS) Project






January 2004 – February 2004


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

The JOBS project is run by UNDP, Bulgaria with the close involvement of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The latter is the main contributor to this $15m project involving the establishment of 37 Business Centres, 5 Business Centre Window Offices, 13 Business Incubators and 3 Business Information Centres. The review was carried out by Pinto Consulting in early 2004, with a view to determining the appropriateness or otherwise of the JOBS project approach and to make recommendations for the development of the JOBS project in the period 2005-2006, with part of the review being undertaken by Ms. Antonina Stoyanovska. A key focus of the work was on assessing the sustainability of the project and to determine the future direction of project’s exit strategy. The recommendations made in the final report are being implemented by the JOBS project team.

Services Provided

  • Determine the scope and methodology for the review process.
  • Visit the majority of business centres and business incubators and assess their effectiveness.
  • Prepare a detailed report on the nature, impact and sustainability of the business centres.
  • Deliver recommendations for the future development of the entire JOBS network.