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Research and report writing assignments (LEED and Investment Compact)

Research and report writing assignments (LEED and Investment Compact)






June 2003 – February 2005


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

  • Peer Review: Mechanisms for Business – Government Dialogue in Romania: This exercise was commissioned by the OECD to assess the nature of the mechanisms for government / small business dialogue in Romania with a view to making recommendations for improvement in both Romania and other countries of the SEE region. Pinto Consulting staff was part of the peer review team (comprising OECD and Italian and Belgian business representatives) which undertook the process in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara. This resulted in an OECD peer review report.
  • Key Enterprise Trends and Issues in SEE and CEE, LEED: In June 2003, the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development was established with a mission to build capacities for local development in OECD member and non-member countries, with a focus on Central and Eastern European countries. The OECD commissioned us to prepare an issues paper for discussion by the Trento Centre’s Scientific Advisory Group on Entrepreneurship. The issues set out in the paper, and the accompanying presentation, helped the Group to determine the Centre’s priority activities.
  • Access to Finance for MSMEs, LEED: Pint Consulting was commissioned to research and prepare a background paper on access to finance for small enterprises in the Timisoara region of Romania. The paper highlighted the supply of finance, the extent of the finance gap (illustrated with focus group discussions) and finally presents are series of policy recommendations focused on enhancing access to finance at the local level. It was presented at the OECD/LEED conference in Timisoara 24 May 2004.
  • SEE Enterprise Forum, Istanbul 2-3 October 2003: The meeting of the SEE Enterprise Forum, which Pinto Consulting staff played a key role in organising, focused on:
  • The draft OECD-EBRD SEE Regional Enterprise Policy Performance Assessment.
  • Obtaining feedback from enterprise policy makers from the SEE region.

Services Provided

  • Undertake literature reviews.
  • Identify best practice experiences.
  • Undertake research missions to countries.
  • Prepare comparative analyses.
  • Prepare draft and final reports.
  • Deliver presentations on key issues.