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Project Evaluation and Project Design for UNDP Macedonia

Project Evaluation and Project Design for UNDP Macedonia






July 2003 – July 2005


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

  • Programme and Action Plan to Stimulate Investment: Pinto Consulting led a project on behalf of the Ministry of Economy to stimulate Foreign Domestic Investment (FDI) whilst also unlocking domestic investment. The programme comprises three main components: investment promotion e.g. through the creation of an Investment Promotion Agency; Action Plan to reduce administrative and legal barriers to doing business; Programme of tax and financial incentives.
  • Local Economic Development (LED): The mission involved designing a two-year, one million USD LED capacity building project in two municipalities. The key components of the project include: an LED partnership, LED strategy and action plan, participative community consultation and involvement, two municipal development funds, business service support and monitoring and evaluation, linked to a project advisory board to supervise project and disseminate good practice.
  • Design of Municipal Development Funds: A review of the existing Municipal Support Programme (guidelines, application forms, evaluation criteria, governance, project document, etc.) and the design of a new Municipal Support Programme targeting the registered unemployed in the 40 most deprived municipalities; assessment of the scope for establishing a sustainable Municipal Development Fund (accepting grants and loans), the focus, corporate governance structure, Project Management Unit, core principles, Management Information System, etc.
  • Policy Reforms to Harness the Informal Economy: assist the Ministry of Economy to develop policies for tackling the sensitive issue of the size of the informal economy. The resulting Programme for Harnessing the Informal Economy, including a draft law, was presented to the Government for approval.
  • Review of the Municipal Support Programme II (guidelines, application forms, evaluation criteria, governance, project document, etc.) and design of the Municipal Support Programme, Phase III.
  • Business Development Services project involving the Ministry of Economy, the SME Agency and the network of regional business centres. Delivery of services to the unemployed focused on start-ups/self employment, preparation for entry into employment and work placements. Capacity building measures designed to improve Regional Centres’ financial sustainability; and support to raise the quality standards of Macedonian business consultants through review and implementation of an internationally recognised and independent business consultant accreditation system.
  • Wage Subsidies, Public Works and Training: Pinto Consulting prepared an active labour market project on: public works, wage subsidies, start-up grants and Individual Employment Plans.

Services Provided

  • Evaluate existing projects and develop recommendations for more effective delivery.
  • Project design expertise to develop projects designed to generate sustainable livelihoods, better governance, etc.
  • Ensure effective coordination with other donors, government institutions, projects, etc.