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Informal Economy and the Enterprise Sector

Informal Economy and the Enterprise Sector






May 2004 – September 2004


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

Informal activities account for a significant proportion of GDP in Albania and represent a significant challenge for policy makers throughout the SEE region. The OECD/EBRD/DG Enterprise commissioned a research and analysis from Pinto Consulting covering the following three components:

  • Provide an estimate of the size, the dynamics and the sector concentration of the IE, taking into consideration previous regional studies and the work already conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) and the IMF;
  • Assist INSTAT in improving its methods of informal economy estimation and its capacity to improve its observation of the informal sector;
  • Produce an analysis of the factors behind the growth of the informal sector and, most importantly, to identify policy recommendations for the progressive formalisation of the informal sector.

Services Provided

  • Co-ordinated the three components of the project between OECD/EBRD/EC and Albanian authorities.
  • Write the majority of the report.
  • Edited the final report published by OECD.