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Evaluation of UNDP Poverty Reduction Programme

Evaluation of UNDP Poverty Reduction Programme






November 2004 – December 2004


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

UNDP’s Poverty Reduction Program (PRP) has been operating in Kyrgyzstan since 1998 and aims to complement the efforts of the government and civil society in alleviating poverty through enhancing the economic opportunities for the poor, especially women, income generating activity and providing access to the financial services. It operates in 7 oblasts and covers mainly remote and vulnerable villages and the project beneficiaries are more than 100,000 people (around 2% of total population). The review mission carried out by Pinto Consulting and GHK International evaluated the implementation of the PRP during 1998-2004, impact, achievement, lessons learned and to presented practical recommendations for UNDP intervention in poverty reduction for the new Country Programming Cycle 2005-2010. Pinto Consulting also carried out a review of the potential for small business development, covering such issues as: diversification of activities, agriprocessing, micro-leasing, business incubation, agricultural cooperatives and the informal economy.

Services Provided

  • Interview UNDP, other donors, project etc.
  • Interview beneficiaries at the village level.
  • Prepare the overall evaluation report.
  • Prepare the enterprise related elements.
  • Present the findings and recommendations to UNDP staff.